Ep. 15 Doc Ock’s Arms

Ep. 15 Doc Ock’s Arms

Doc Ock’s Arms

Otto Octavius AKA Dr. Octopus, is one of the most fearsome member of Spider-Man’s Rogues Gallery. He is a Genius with powerful cybernetic arms, that are capable of incredible feats of strength. We get into all of the incredible advancements of modern day prosthetics, but we also discuss the deadly Irukandji jellyfish, huntsman’s spiders, girdles, and the relationship between unexpected nuclear events and superpowers.

Real Life Examples

Recent Updates

Incredibly Advanced Cyborg Wrist

Various Doctor Octopus Prosthetics

DARPA Funds Various Neural Net Projects

MIT’s Shoulder Mount

Prosthetic Thumb

John Hopkins’ Cybernetic Arm

Georgia Tech’s Advanced Drumstick

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