Ep. 17 Luke Cage’s Skin

Ep. 17 Luke Cage’s Skin

Luke Cage’s Skin

To be bulletproof, that would be a man without fear. “The Hero of Harlem” Luke Cage is more than bulletproof, his skin is impervious to all forms of traditional weapons. Bullets, knives, bottles, and even a rocket seem to have no effect. So how could one achieve this effect without going through the hassle of being the unwilling participant of a dangerous medical procedure? Luckily The Brain Trust has this one figured out. Listen as we discuss body armor, cornstarch & water, skin made of spider silk, and yes, even foam!

Link to Spider-Man’s Webshooters

Real Life Examples

Original Kevlar Vest

Spider Silk and Human Skin

Walking on Cornstarch and Water

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