Making Fictional Science a Reality

Episode 94

What would you do if the robot apocalypse happened to coincide with your first day at college, and your family was humanity’s only hope?  That is the quandary that The Mitchell family finds themselves in.  The real question is:  Who is responsible for bringing about the robacalypse?  Was it a malicious computer programmer?  Was it a suddenly sentient AI?  It turns out, that it was a butt hurt smart phone that was replaced by its inventor.  This is the first time that we have come across an emotional outburst has spelled the end of the human race.  On the upside, we get to discuss a giant Furby, Megaman’s tractor gun, and how someone who specializes in camouflage is called a camoufleur. of on this episode.  Along the way we explore the Zimbardo Experiment, the importance of bacon, olfactory illusions, Russian nesting dolls, The Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

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