The Brain Trust

The Analytical Mastermind

Daniel is the host of the podcast Fascinating Nouns, where he interviews incredible people on a wide spectrum of topics.  He is also the host of the webseries Fascinating Fights, an ESPN style show where a panel of experts breaks down who would win in a fight between two pop culture icons. 

His Background:  Diverse.  His Knowledge Base:  Extensive.  His Research:  Impeccable.  His Analysis:  Unparalleled.  

The Physics Phenom

Dr. Dennin has been called a Superhero Scientist from his work on the documentaries “Science of Superman”, “Batman Tech”, and “Spider-Man Tech”, but his expertise does not end there.  He was also an expert on Star Wars Tech, and designed an online course for AMC’s The Walking Dead.  While he does seem like a reputable source, be warned:  He has a mild obsession with foam and other complex substances. 

Recently, he published a science outreach book on the intersection between science and faith: Divine Science: Finding Reason at the Heart of Faith, from Franciscan Media.


The Enigmatic Engineer

Ben is a man with a mysterious past, neither confirms nor denies his employment, and works at an undisclosed location (probably) through a black ops program.  What we do know is that he creates electrical and computer systems for a major aerospace firm.  He is our Enigmatic Engineer.

In his free time he does his best to keep up with nerd lore and general pop culture.