Spider-Man's Webshooters

Everyone knows Spider-Man. He has been a comic book hero for 55 years, and has several movies based on his exploits. One of the more intriguing aspects to his persona are his web-shooters. All of his abilities were bestowed upon him by happenstance (being bitten by a radioactive spider), but he designed and manufactured his web-shooters all on his own. We discuss this amazing innovation, as well as the key ingredient: Web fluid! We reveal how several real companies trying to harness power of spider silk, and have succeeded in producing it in bacteria, goats, and silkworm.

Real Life Examples

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Spider Silk Companies

German company. Mail spider silk related roduct is BioSteel. Powerful fiber, and completely biodegradable.

Japanese company creating functional proteins using Spider silk as the stepping stone.

Utah State University -Genetically modify goats to produce spider silk in their milk