Ep. 01  Frankenstein’s Monster

Ep. 01 Frankenstein’s Monster

In our first episode, just in time for Halloween, Physicist Dr. Michael Dennin, Rocket Scientist Ben Siepser, Microbiologist Dr. Brittany Needham, and The Analytical Mastermind Daniel J. Glenn discuss how to create your very own reanimated corpse.  Okay, so reanimating dead tissue is out of our grasp right now, but there are several alternatives for the truly determined.  We discuss head transplants, putting your brain into a human-like robot, and finally just 3D printing your monster from scratch!

      Frankenstein's Monster

IRL links:

Successful head transplant on a corpse!

Center for Resuscitation Science

Dr. Sergio Canavero:  Head Transplant Ted Talk


Reanima Advanced Biosciences

2045 Initiative

Biolife4D – 3D printed hearts

Prellis Biologics – Biological 3D printing

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